Frequently Asked Questions

What’s it like?

North Shore Lodge is a more traditionally decorated property with direct access to Lake Granby year round. The building is u-shaped and the bottom of the “u” holds our 150’shared deck with gorgeous views of the lake and Continental Divide. At either end of the deck is a 3-Bedroom/2-Bath Suite and our other eight units vary from a studio to a 5-person unit.

How far are you from town?
North Shore Lodge is 5 miles from Grand Lake and 11 miles from Granby.

Is there a view?
Units 1-8 access our 150’ long shared deck from which you can see Lake Granby and the Continental Divide. Units 01 (the Lake Granby Suite Add-on) and unit 9 are at the front of the building and don’t have views.

Can I park my “toy” or trailer there?
Yes, we have ample parking. We also offer indoor and outdoor off-season storage for your toys!

Do you have a group meeting area?
Indoor meeting spaces are limited to the two suites, which will hold 15 people each.  our back lawn can easily seat over 200 people.

Do you have tent sites?/Can we set up a tent on the grounds?

Do you have a public laundry?
No. There are laundry-mats in Grand Lake and Granby.

Can we bring our pet?
Yes. We allow up to 2 dogs of a combined total up to 80lbs, per unit. We allow other types of pets on an individual basis.

Do you have pet-free units?

Yes, we have one pet free unit, Unit 5.

What does it cost?

Do you have availability?/ What are the rates?/What does that room look like?/Where can I see more pictures and a description of that room?

By going to “Availability” (Book Now) and putting in your dates and the number in your party, you’ll be able to see everything for those dates. Only units that are available will show up. 

Do you discount for AAA, AARP, military, government, etc.?

We are an equal opportunity discounter and are not affiliated with discount travel groups. The first night is always full price. After that discounting depends on the season, days of the week and number of units and nights you book.

Do you have seasonal or long term rentals and how much do they cost? 

We offer seasonal rentals in the fall, winter and spring. The price is based on historic income for the unit for the past 4 years during the same time period. Summer rentals would be prohibitively expensive ($3,000/month and up for our smallest units).

What’s included?

Do you have a hot tub or pool?
No, but we do have discounted tickets to Hot Sulphur Springs, which is about 20 miles.

Do you have BBQs and/or campfires?
We have a large campfire area as well as several gas and charcoal grills. We provide the propane, but please bring your own charcoal. We have Community Fire Pits at both places. MLL has an additional “Friends and Family” Fire Pit, where you can enjoy a private fire on a first come first served basis.

Do you provide linens and bedding?
Yes. All bed, bath and kitchen linens are provided.

Do you have a restaurant/serve breakfast/have restaurants nearby?
There are multiple choices in Grand Lake which is six miles, there are a few even closer. There are several restaurants within ½ to 3 miles, serving anything from bar fare to upscale European food. Grand Lake and Granby have many more.

What’s in the kitchenette?
Appliances include microwave, coffee maker, toaster and one of the following:

  • Queen Studios: 2-burner cooktop and below counter fridge
  • NSR 9: apartment-sized gas range and small fridge
  • Units 2-6: full-sized gas range, Med. fridge
  • Lake Granby Suite: Full-sized Electric Range, Large Fridge, Grill, Dishwasher
  • GetAway Suite: Full-sized Electric Range, Medium Large Fridge, Dishwasher

Cookware/Serving Ware:
Various sizes of pots, fry pans, microwave-safe casserole dish, serving bowls, platter, ice cube trays.

Utensils such as veggie peeler, whisk, spatula, lg. spoons, wooden spoon, can/bottle opener, wine opener, variety of knives, measuring cups/spoons.

Dinner Ware:
Plates, bowls, glasses/cups, mugs, flatware for maximum room occupancy


What are the office hours?
Our office hours are 8 AM to 10 PM.  You can contact us by phone, text or Facebook messenger.

What’s the cancellation policy?
Please see it under “Policies” on our websites or on your confirmation.

What time is check-in?/Can I check in early?
Check-In is 3 PM, if you will be arriving late (after 9) let us know beforehand and we will have your room open for you.  We can do a limited number of early check ins for a small fee.

What time is check-out?/ Can I have a late check-out?
Check-out is 10 AM.  We can do a limited number of late check outs for a small fee.

How do I check out?
Please leave your key on the table and lock the doors.


Can we go in the water?
You can wade, swim, boat and fish (with state license) in Lake Granby.

Is smoking allowed?

There is absolutely no smoking in any of our buildings.  Please don't allow smoke to drift into open doors and windows.  There is a deep cleaning fee of $250-$350 for rooms have smoke smell or damage and you won't be welcome back. Smoking is prohibited within 15' of our common building entrances and common areas.  

Butts are trash; Please don't LITTER by throwing them on the ground!  

Butts are a fire hazard; Please extinguish and dispose of them properly. (Not on our wood siding.)

Please be considerate of other guests and staff; Don't allow drifting smoke to bother others who may have allergies, asthma or other sensitivities.

Smoking is allowed the following places on the properties:

-On the grounds, but at least 15' from the building.

 (*doorways, windows, stairways, walkways, decks)

-In your vehicle in the parking area. (It's the only place you may smoke marijuana.) 

-If you occupy #01 (the Lake Granby Suite Add-On) or Unit #9, you may smoke on the small decks each of them have at the front of the building**.

-Either parking area.

Can I bring additional people and just let them sleep on the couch or floor?
We discourage bringing more people than there are bed spaces to sleep them and you must pay an added $10/person/night for both adults and children over capacity. Due to Colorado Dept of Health and Fire Dept. regulations, you must ask management in advance so we can determine if we can accommodate them while operating within the law.

Is there a pull-out couch or can people sleep on the couch?
We don’t have any pull-out couches. Most of our couches are just love seats and could only accommodate a small child. If you do let someone sleep on the couch, you MUST cover the couch with a sheet or bring a CLEAN sleeping bag and pillow for them. You are responsible for accidents and could be charged to replace the couch.

What are the quiet hours?
Quiet hours are between 10:30 pm and 8am.