North Shore Resort Policies

General Policies:

By providing us with credit card deposit information you are agreeing to the following:

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made 30 days or more prior to the first day of your stay entitle you to a full refund. A credit for a future stay will be granted for cancellations made less than 30 days in advance, but prior to 24 hrs. We are happy to move your reservation to different units or to different dates, based on availability, with at least 24hrs notice. If you cancel any part of your reservation within 24hrs of our check-in time of 3PM, we will process the entire amount of your bill and only issue a credit for a future stay for days we’re able to re-rent the room.

Group Cancellations

We have a 30 day cancellation policy. If cancellations are made within 30 days of your scheduled stay, no refunds will be given. Groups will get full credit toward a future stay, for any amount paid in advance as follows: 1 day notice per the greater of either 1) the number of units or 2) the number of nights booked. (Example: If you book 5 units for 7 nights, we need at least 7 day notice. If you book 10 units for 3 nights, we need at least 10 day notice.) For cancellations made with less notice, all fees will be processed. Credit for a future stay will only be granted for room-nights we’re able to re-book.

Guest Responsibilities

We are reasonable people who realize that accidents happen- Unfortunately, a few guests with a blatant disregard for the property and our time, have caused us to put this in writing for our own protection.

1) The booking guest is responsible for any and all damage and fines for breach of policy in all units booked. Guests who do not abide by our rules or requests are subject to removal from the property with the assistance of the Grand County Sherriff’s department if needed, and are not entitled to a refund. Please report violations of rules to the North Shore Resort staff. 


There is absolutely no smoking in any of our buildings.  Please don't allow smoke to drift into open doors and windows.  There is a deep cleaning fee of $250-$350 for rooms have smoke smell or damage and you won't be welcome back. Smoking is prohibited within 15' of our common building entrances and common areas.  This includes all walkways, community campfires and shared front porches. At North Shore Resort, it also includes the boardwalks, main deck, stairways and large garage door.

Butts are trash; Please don't LITTER by throwing them on the ground!  (We pick up hundreds of butts each year on the properties.) 

Butts are a fire hazard; Please extinguish and dispose of them properly. (Not on our wood siding.)

Please be considerate of other guests and staff; Don't allow drifting smoke to bother others who may have allergies, asthma or other sensitivities.

Smoking is allowed the following places on the properties:

-On the grounds, but at least 15' from playgrounds, community campfires and all building entrances* that aren't exclusive to your unit.

 (*doorways, windows, stairways, walkways, decks)

-In your vehicle in the parking area.

-Colorado law doesn’t allow marijuana consumption of any kind outside/in public, but you may enjoy marijuana edibles in the units.

-North Shore Resort: 

-If you occupy #01 (the Lake Granby Suite Add-On) or Unit #9, you may smoke on the small decks each of them have at the front of the building**.

-Either parking area.    

-Mountain Lakes Lodge: 

-At the Friends and Family Campfires. (private/1st come-1st served)

-On the back deck and in the little yard of your unit**. 

  (**with doors and windows closed from drifting smoke)

3) Quiet hours are between 10:30PM and 8AM. Be considerate of others during these and all other hours. If another guest or staff member has let you know that you, your pet or your music are disturbing others, please abide by their request to be quieter. This is a family place. If you want to drink and talk loudly after hours, there are many nearby venues where it’s appropriate. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

4) If you bring a pet, you must read and abide by our Pet Policy

5) Do not flush “Lady Stuff” or “Extras”. Local plumbers are very expensive.


Fee Schedule

- Towel Replacement: $10 bath, $7 hand or kitchen, $3 wash

- Bed Linen Replacement: $40 each set, $15 each sheet, $5 each pillowcase

- Mattress: $50 shampoo, $400-$1000 to replace

- Blanket, quilt or comforter: $10 each to wash, $25-$100 to replace
(Please be sure humans don’t drag pet fur onto, in or between the layers of the beds!)

- Cleaning Fur, Mud or other “Stuff” Off Furniture: $10 & up per piece.

- Plumbing: $400+ for backing up the pipes by flushing inappropriate items

- Carpeting: $25-$100 to Shampoo
(Please be sure your cooler drain is closed!)

Pet Policies:

$35 plus tax: Up to 2 dogs, up to a combined total of 80lbs in one unit for the duration of a stay.

Keep it Clean:

1) Pets are only allowed in units where a “Pet Stay Fee” has been paid. If you bring your pet, you are responsible for cleaning up after it. “Duty Bags", brooms/mops/vacuums, pet towels/rags/paper towels, are in your unit. If you need something, please ask. Thank you for helping keep the floors clean by using the boot trays for your pet's food and water.

2) There are towels under the kitchen sink to use to wipe your dogs feet or to dry them off. Please keep these separate from bath and kitchen towels by using the plastic bags provided.

3) Take your dog to the back lawn, not the front, and use the bags provided to pick up after them. We will charge a $25 fee for picking up after your dog.

4) We want your dog to be comfortable, but not on the beds or furniture. If you do not have a dog bed or blanket, we will provide one.

5. Your dog must be on a leash and under your control in the common areas where there may be other guests or dogs.

6. If you leave your room you must take your dog with you.

7. If you cant take your dog where you are going, we provide a dog sitting service for $30 a day based on availability.

Fee Schedule for Pet Messes

Blanket, quilt or comforter
(Please be sure humans don’t drag pet fur onto, in or between the layers of the beds!)
$10 each to Wash
$100 each to Replace

Cleaning Fur, Mud or other Dog “Stuff” Off Furniture
$10-$25 each Piece

Duty and Tinkle
$10 each Pile (outside)
$50 each Pile or Puddle (inside)

Checking In & Out:

Check-in time is after 3pm and check-out time is 10am.

We can offer a limited number of 12pm check-ins for a $30 fee.

When checking-out just leave your key on the table and lock the doors