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Sorry! Southern Colorado Radio got it wrong and won't fix it!

Radio Shopping Show Certificate isn't for what we offered.

By Edie Dafoe - May 8, 2017

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Last fall, in exchange for radio advertising, we offered a few Gift Certificates to Southern Colorado Radio's Radio Shopping Show.  We have successfully done these kinds of promotions with other entities before.  We specifically offer $198 Gift Certificates which completely cover a two night stay in a regular Queen Studio at our lodging and may be used towards an upgrade to a larger unit.


I suspected problems when I received a call from someone who'd purchased one of these. The customer told me the certificate said "Value $420" This is absolutely not what we offered and we are not able to honor these certificates for this amount! They're actually selling these Certificates for $210, which is more than the $198 they're worth!

I called the two telephone numbers I had previously used to communicate with RSS to inform them of the problems and ask them to fix them immediately. I was only able to leave messages and I got no response from them. (Apparently, their phone only works for selling and not for servicing.) 

In addition to the pricing and value inaccuracies, the descriptions of our lodging are less than accurate.  For instance: Not all of our units have fireplaces.  RSS also forgot to mention several rules that were to be included: "New Customers Only, nights must be consecutive, not valid with other offers, Pet-Stay Fees extra, etc." They did briefly mention Black Out Dates, which BTW, are extensive: It's the only way for us to include summer at all.

We've joined others in registering a complaint with the BBB and exposing their practices in online reviews.
If you have already purchased one of these certificates, please accept our sincere apologies and join us in demanding that Southern Colorado Radio and the Radio Shopping Show are held accountable.

Call the Radio Shopping Show for a refund 719-392-4219.

If you haven't purchased one, congratulations and be forewarned.

Edie Dafoe