Stewardship Is Everyone's Responsibility

Leave No Trace Principles

By Lisa Wornick - September 21, 2022

"No Matter where we go, it's someone else's local."  Samantha Brown, AAA Member, and travel host.

   What a powerful statement!  It holds no matter where your journey is, close to home or across the country.  Stewardship is everyone's responsibility.  Running a lodge is a big responsibility, but one of the essential parts is helping others understand the life surrounding us, from water conservation, why pets are required to be on a leash, and how to and not to interact with wildlife.  While we each have our part, the best way to share the message is with encouragement, kindness, and NOT judgment.
   The wildlife are the LOCALS of first right, and we must be willing to embrace this.  The habitat on which they depend is also what we depend on.  Keeping public and private lands free of trash is an integral part of the stewardship responsibility of all of us.  Having picked up my fair share of trash on public land and at the lodge, I can say litter is an epidemic, but it is one that we can defeat if we all do our part.  When you are a traveler to an area, a great perspective is to put yourself into the shoes of the local wildlife or resident.  
   Life is all about learning and sharing with others what we learn.  Sharing the Leave No Trace Principles is a way for everyone to understand and see how to do their part.  It helps everyone understand the ethical standards and etiquette that all visitors and locals can do to harmonize with the wildlife and beauty around us!  Check out the Seven Principles of Ethical Outdoor Recreation here:
   As you set out for your next adventure, please take the time to see how you can be helpful to the environment you visit, not just a resource user.  Together we can all make a difference by helping each other and the amazing world around us!

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