Elevating Life at 8900'

By Lisa Wornick March 19, 2022

Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, “ The purpose of life is to live it, taste it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.”


  In every direction from North Shore Lodge, you can find new and richer experiences that can not be measured in words alone.  Learning the true meaning of the line in America the Beautiful, watching the purple mountain majesty right in front of your eyes. Hiking trails in every direction and for every ability, each one holding a treasure just waiting to be discovered. Having a line in Lake Granby waiting in the air of camaraderie with friends and family, all wondering who will have the best fish tale.  Driving into Rocky Mountain National Park, feeling the reverence of the beauty and being beholden by the history.  Where the magnificent wildlife runs free and your eyes only hope to get a glimpse of their beauty.  Sharing a meal with family and friends on our amazing back lawn, all while watching the ever-changing landscape.

  We absolutely love to share the amazing beauty that surrounds us with our guests.  Nature captivates your mind, brings a new sense of your own being, helps you to find the new perspective you have been eagerly searching for.  The adventure to be found in all seasons makes all your senses feel alive, and living life to the utmost.

  Life is meant to be lived, tasted, and to be washed in adventure. We will be using this blog to showcase the many experiences to be had surrounding us.  Highlighting hiking trails, scenic drives, water activities, wildlife watching, and an enormous amount of other explorations of Grand County.  We also ask that as you go out to adventure no matter where you are, please use the Leave No Trace Principles. so that all future generations are able to enjoy the experience. This principle is extremely important to make sure we observe while out doing our adventures, and we will show ways that we can all make this happen. There is no better place than our lodge, as your base camp for this adventure-seeking and elevated mindset!

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